Is your marketing plan plagued by these three culprits?

Learn how to stop these marketing plan pests in their tracks!

I’ve learned from personal experience, watching other business owners, and reading marketing blogs that three things often plague the marketing process:

1) Slow implementation after learning a new, effective marketing tactic

2) Waiting until everything is “perfect” before launching a new marketing campaign

3) Trying to do it all alone

These three things can kill your marketing game plan, but they prevent a lot of small business owners from proceeding with their marketing plan of attack.

I’m guilty of allowing all three of them to creep into my marketing plans, and I know I’m not the only one. So, how do we overcome them? Become the marketing plan pest police and stop them in their tracks!

Practicing Speed of Implementation

I can’t count how many times I’ve watched a webinar, read a blog post, or listened to a podcast that shared some new marketing tactic that had helped other small business owners get the word out about their businesses. After learning about the new concept, I’d often get excited, and frequently would research the “how-to” part of the process. Yet, many times, I never implemented the idea into my own marketing plan. Then later, if I did decide to really do it, I’d have to go back through the learning process again. What a waste of time! And opportunity – because some tactics are time sensitive.

The latest victim to fall prey to procrastination for me is podcasting. I’ve watched an entire video course on how to podcast, but at the time, I wasn’t yet ready to launch a podcast, and I’ve forgotten much of what I learned.

Nike has the answer to this one with their simple, yet winning phrase, “Just Do It!” Here’s a tip: If you know you aren’t ready to implement the new tactic you’ve heard about just yet, wait until you are ready to do the heavy duty research (if required) on the technical how-tos. That way it’ll be fresh on your mind right before you include it in your marketing game plan. Speed of implementation is a HUGE contributing factor toward marketing success!

In my case, I accidentally stumbled across a short video that explained how effective podcasting can be to drive traffic to one’s website. I got so excited about it that I signed up for the podcast training course. Luckily, the training was free, but still I wasted a lot of time because at that point in my life, I wasn’t ready to launch a podcast. Now that I’m ready to start one, I’ll have to go back through the training again. THEN I need to “Just Do It” and launch the podcast.

It’s okay to hold me accountable to this. If you don’t see a podcast posted on this site within the next few weeks, go ahead and call me out on it!

Push Past Perfectionism!

You’ve probably witnessed many “might-have-beens” either in your own life or in the lives of people you know who were waiting for the “right timing” before doing some activity. People have waited to go back to college, waited to buy a new home, waited to start a family, waited to launch a marketing campaign – because everything wasn’t “just so.”

The truth is, timing will never be perfect. In fact, nothing will be. If you’re waiting until your website is perfect to start driving traffic to it, you’ll likely never start. If you’re waiting until your writing skills are perfect before launching a blog, you’ll likely never start. If you’re waiting for (fill in the blank) to begin (fill in the blank), then you’ll likely never start.

Is it okay to throw something together and put it out there no matter what? No. But it’s also not okay to keep re-doing, re-writing, re-whatevering to the point that you become so frustrated with your would-be project that it never happens.

Here’s my tip on pushing past perfectionism: Do your best to prepare your product/marketing campaign/blog post/whatever you’re hoping to do and then LAUNCH it! That’s right. Test to see if it works, of course. Proofread before posting. Even get feedback from another professional. But once it’s as good as you can make it, send it on its merry way to greet your target audience.

Remember this: Perfect marketing pieces don’t make you money – completed ones do!

Call for Backup!

One of the BIGGEST causes of failure for marketing plans is the attempt to do it all yourself. Many small business owners are do-it-yourselfers. It’s the nature of the entrepreneurial beast. But if you don’t know how to customize a Facebook page, optimize an article for search, build a website, or any other number of marketing tactics necessary to make it in today’s world, you’re better off passing the marketing baton to a professional and let them do the marketing so you can focus on running your business.

At first glance, outsourcing seems like an unnecessary expense, but when you consider the whole speed of implementation and the time it takes to learn some of the technical skills to do things yourself, it will actually save you time (because it’ll get done quicker) and money. Marketing training ain’t cheap, plus if you’re spending all your time marketing instead of providing products and services to clients, well, you aren’t making any money!

Outsourcing doesn’t mean you’re weak or a marketing failure. It means you are the driving force behind your business. If you’re sidetracked, things can slow down on the business end.

Here’s my tip: Do what you can do well quickly and outsource the rest. Period. It’ll be okay, trust me!

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