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Morrilton Website Design

Morrilton website design

If you do a search for “Morrilton website design,” you may notice that many of the companies that display in the results aren’t from the Morrilton area. In fact, many aren’t even from Arkansas. When you’re searching for a company to do your Morrilton website design, it’s always a good idea to use a local company. Or at the very least, a business that is easy to contact.

DLF Digital Services – a locally owned Morrilton website design company

DLF Digital Services LLC is a Morrilton website design company located in Conway County. We are a family owned and operated business serving Central Arkansas and the Arkansas River Valley area, including Morrilton, Conway, Perryville, Russellville, Clinton and their outlying communities.

Linda Fulkerson, owner of DLF Digital Services, is a Morrilton website design professional who has over 12 years experience helping small businesses market their companies online.

Other things to look for when choosing a Morrilton website design company include making sure the company has experience building business websites. Business websites need to comply with federal regulations and search engine guidelines, which include posting a privacy policy page, a terms of service page, an about page, a contact page, a sitemap, and, if needed, a disclaimer page. Commercial websites are also required to be mobile-friendly to comply with FTC digital advertising guidelines.

Another factor to consider when selecting a professional Morrilton website design company is which platform your new site will be built on. There are a number of website platforms out there, many of which produce attractive-looking websites. You want your website to look good, of course. But beyond looks, you need to understand what makes a website function well, too. And part of that functionality is the ability to rank well in search engines.

DLF Digital Services recommends and uses the WordPress platform for building websites. WordPress is highly adaptable, easy to rank, and fairly easy to maintain, update, mobile-friendly, backup, and secure. It is a great all-purpose website design platform.

Is it okay to use a FREE platform for your Morrilton website design?

Free platforms have their place in the world wide web, but DLF Digital Services does not recommend that you use a free website for commercial purposes. If you’re wanting to spread information about a wedding, family reunion, or have a personal (non-commercial) blog, then it’s perfectly fine to use a free site, such as Blogger or others.

But, for professional companies and persons, using a free site for your business website can mark you as an amateur. Consumers are far more web savvy than they were even just a few years ago, so make sure you use a self-hosted website (not one on a free platform). This will also give you full control over your site, which is always the best practice.

As you can see, there are a number of things to take into consideration when starting a website. Because the process can be confusing to some, DLF Digital Services offers a free consultation to small business owners about how to best market your business online. If your business is located within 50 miles of Morrilton, contact us at 501-548-2736 and schedule your FREE small business marketing consultation today. You’ll learn a LOT of useful information that can help as you decide who to do your Morrilton website design.