Do I need a professional website?

The short answer is, if you use your website for business purposes, then, yes, you need a professional website.

Money is tight - what about free sites?

There are several big issues with free sites – first of all, consumers today are much more web savvy than they once were, and most will judge your entire business on the appearance of your website. If they notice it’s on a free platform, they’ll wonder where else you cut corners. Also, with a free platform, you don’t have full control over the site. It’s more like renting a home – you’re not the owner of the platform, therefore, while you have certain rights, you do not have full control over your site.

I have a Facebook page that works just fine - why do I need a website?

Facebook is the largest social media platform on the planet – which is both good and bad for the small business owner. Good, because you have the chance to be found by about a billion users. And bad because you have the “chance” to be found by about a billion users. The point is – it’s so difficult to rise above the noise on such a crowded medium, it can distract you from running your business. Plus, you have even less control over your page than you do with a free website platform. Should you even be on Facebook? Yes! Should your Facebook page be your only web presence. No! It should be used as a tool for building relationships and to drive traffic to your website.

What should I do with my website?

In the early days of the Internet, business websites weren’t much more than a digital representation of the company brochure. Today, to remain competitive, your web presence should position your company as the authority in your industry. This is done by providing quality content (text, images, audio, and video) that answers the questions your audience is asking.

If my website is the most important part of my online presence, should I be wasting my time with social media?

Social media can become a time-waster, but it can also be a valuable tool. Social media is a great place to meet those interested in your products and services in order to lead them to your website, where they’ll be able to get the full picture of how you can help fulfill their needs. Again, this can be done by answering questions, which shows you are the authority in your industry.

How can DLF Digital Services help?

DLF Digital Services provides affordable website packages. We can either maintain the site for you, saving you time (which in turn, saves you money) or train you to maintain it yourself. We also offer marketing consulting to help you learn how to position yourself ahead of your competition.